Episode 1:  Finding the Master

Episode 1: Finding the Master explores Bhagwan's early life and his first years as an enlightened master.  The episode focuses on the years 1970-1974, when Bhagwan was living in a Bombay apartment and receiving his new disciples there, whom he called his "neo-sannyasins."  

Episode Notes & Sources

Episode 1 Transcript

The audio of Bhagwan discussing the image in his mala comes from I Am The Gate.

The audio of Bhagwan discussing his enlightenment comes from The Discipline of Transcendence Vol. 2.

Champagne truffles get a shout out in this episode, probably not for the last time.  Ma Anand Sheela loved champagne truffles, of all things. When she addressed the Oregon Senate in March 1983, she brought boxes of champagne truffles, made by Rajneeshees, for the senators, who called them "Bhagwan's bon bons."  And Sheela's third husband, Dipo, would send Sheela champagne truffles every week from Zurich while they were married. Sheela wrote in her memoir: "I liked to enjoy them after sex."


Bhagwan in his Bombay apartment

Bhagwan in his Bombay apartment


When I Am Laid in Space by Rusty King (based on Dido's Lament from Dido and Aeneas by Henry Purcell)

Jamaican Wood by Stefan Netsman

Powerwalkin’ by Future Joust

All other music by Rusty King