Minisode 1: Dynamic Detours

Our first "minisode" provides some additional color on topics covered in the first three episodes. We’ll revisit Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh as a boy and look at the life-or-death events that may have turned him into the brash guru. Then we’ll sidle up to some of his earliest Western followers to see why they fell under Bhagwan's spell. We’ll end the episode at his ashram in Poona and learn about the not-quite-legal methods that some desperate sannyasins used to earn enough money to stay close to their Master.

Note: Listen to Episodes 1-3 before listening to this minisode.

Episode Notes & Sources

Minisode 1 Transcript

Most of the stories from Bhagwan’s early life are adapted from his biography, The Awakened One: The Life and Work of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, by Vasant Joshi.

Shiva’s story is adapted from his memoir Bhagwan: The God that Failed (under the name Hugh Milne).

Veena’s story is adapted primarily from an interview in The Oregonian newspaper.

As I mention in the episode, I really enjoyed reading Satya Bharti Franklin’s memoir of her time as a Rajneeshee, The Promise of Paradise, and would recommend it to anybody looking for a place to start with the various sannyasin memoirs. It’s out of print (like most Rajneeshee books), but you can find it at libraries or used online.


Powerwalkin’ by Future Joust

All other music by Rusty King