Minisode 4: A Child of the Commune

What was it like to be a child living at Rajneeshpuram? In this episode we’re joined by a special guest — a person who lived at the ranch as a teenager for nearly four years — who discusses his unique experiences living, learning, working, and loving at Rajneeshpuram.

CONTENT WARNING: This episode contains a discussion of child sexual abuse and statutory rape.

Episode Notes & Sources

Minisode 4 Transcript

Dickon Kent wrote a terrific article for Medium, based on a Reddit AMA he did after the airing of Wild Wild Country, where he answers questions about his experience. I encourage listeners to read his full article for even more insights on his time as a Rajneeshee.


Dickon Kent (center) at Rajneeshpuram, 1985.

Dickon Kent (center) at Rajneeshpuram, 1985.


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