Minisode 3: Noah’s Ark

Bhagwan develops a bizarre — and potentially lethal — habit while living in silent isolation at his compound in Rajneeshpuram.

Episode Notes & Sources

Minisode 3 Transcript

The story of Sheela riding a horse to Bhagwan during the floods is adapted from her memoir, Don’t Kill Him!

The first-hand accounts from Bhagwan’s dentist, Swami Devageet, are adapted from his memoir, Osho The First Buddha In A Dental Chair.

Shiva’s account of witnessing Bhagwan in the dental chair is adapted from his memoir, Bhagwan: The God That Failed (by Hugh Milne).

Shanti Bhadra’s account of speaking with the doctor who examined Bhagwan is adapted from her memoir, Breaking the Spell (by Jane Stork).

The three books Bhagwan produced from his dental chair are Notes of a Madman; Books I Have Loved; and Glimpses of a Golden Childhood. They were most likely dictated in 1981-1982, but the books weren’t published until 1985, around the same time that Sheela left the ranch for good.

Audio of Bhagwan discussing creating three books from the dentist’s chair comes from Om Mani Padme Hum Ch. 14.

Audio of Bhagwan answering a reporter’s question about using nitrous oxide comes from The Last Testament Vol. 3 Ch. 10.


Powerwalkin’ by Future Joust

All other music by Rusty King